American Institute of Architects, San Francisco Chapter

California Supplemental Exam Review

The AIASF CSE Review is a two-part lecture series that provides a detailed overview of all knowledge areas of the California Supplemental Exam test plan, including different AIA contract documents, state and local codes and regulations and other areas of architectural practice.

Upcoming CSE Classes

California Supplemental Exam Review
November 4 + 5, 2016, 12:30 - 5:30 pm each day
Instructor: Archibald Woo, AIA
Location: AIA San Francisco, 130 Sutter Street, Suite 600

The California Supplemental Exam Seminars are a series of two seminars that offer an overview of all the test materials and help candidates prepare for the CSE; the first seminar focuses on Part 1 and 2 of the CSE Test Plan, covering test areas such as site analysis, programming and different federal, state and local codes and regulations that affect building development in the state of California. The second seminar covers Part 3 and 4 of the Test Plan and includes discussions on the Architect’s roles and responsibilities during design and construction as outlined in different AIA contract documents. Also included as part of the seminars is a mock exam that is in the exact format of the project scenario section of the CSE. It helps candidates get familiar with the exam format.

About the Instructor
Archibald Woo, AIA is a licensed architect and has been practicing in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1990. His work has been focused mainly on complex projects for various Bay Area school districts, different campuses of the University of California system as well as for major healthcare and medical research organizations. Archibald has been active in the teaching and mentoring of architectural students and younger professionals. He has taught this seminar since 2013. He has also co-chaired the AIASF mentorship and architects licensing committees and has been awarded the chapter's Presidential Commendation in 2006 and again in 2011.


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