American Institute of Architects, San Francisco Chapter

Continuing Education (CES)

At the December 2011 board meeting, the AIA Board of Directors removed the SD requirement for continuing education. Recognizing that sustainable design practices have become a mainstream design intention in the architectural community, the Board of Directors has voted to allow the sustainable design education requirement to sunset at the end of calendar year 2012. AIA members will no longer need to complete the sustainable design requirement to fulfill their AIA continuing education. Beginning in 2013, AIA members are required to satisfy a minimum of 18 LUs per year. Of this total, 12 must meet the Health, Safety, and Welfare (HSW) criteria.

Ways to Learn and Earn

In addition to attending monthly AIA San Francisco programs and events, this list contains additional ways to maintain your yearly CES requirements.

Stay informed

Get involved

Online Education

Self Report

Submit a online self-report form to:

  • Record time spent researching new knowledge for projects, committees, presentations, political activities, courses taught, or any other purpose.
  • Record attendance at relevant lectures and courses at museums and other organizations that are not AIA/CES providers.
  • Report your learning opportunities when you travel.
  • Report up to 2 Lus per year for volunteer service on committees, boards, and other projects promoting the architecture profession. Visit AIA San Francisco's volunteer page for more opportunities.

Track Your Progress

Not sure how many LUs you've earned so far? Use your member number to access your online CES transcript.


Confused about AIA CES requirements? Visit AIA National's FAQ page or email Michelle Railsback, Membership + Program Manager.